Driving in Metro Manila is commonly equated to road rage; long hours spent in a traffic jam with
unruly motorists sharing the road. However, studies have shown that hopping behind a wheel and
driving around can be quite pleasurable, even therapeutic.

Getting behind the wheel of a car is enough to get anyone’s adrenaline racing and endorphins
surging. Once muscle memory takes over and there’s nothing but clear open road ahead, driving
serves as a means of personal meditation and reverie, giving a person the perfect avenue to vent
out their anxieties, frustration, and stress.

If you happen to be worried about gas expense while driving for leisure, RCBC Bankard is the
credit card that’s got you covered.

RCBC Bankard’s newest partnership with Phoenix Petroleum is the perfect solution to those with
wanderlust just itching to get behind the wheel. The Phoenix RCBC Bankard Mastercard is a must-
have for driving enthusiasts. The bank’s latest innovation allows its cardholders a 5% rebate at
participating Phoenix gas stations and a 5% discount on diesel and gasoline engine oils.

As an added bonus, new-to-bank clients who apply for the Phoenix RCBC Bankard Mastercard will
receive a Php 500 fuel welcome gift on the first Php 2,000 spent at any participating Phoenix gas
station as well as a Php 1,500 Uniqlo Gift Card when they spend Php 20,000 anywhere within the
first two months from their card open date.

So if the day-to-day doldrums are getting you down, jump in your car and get your pulse racing
and your mind clear by driving around with your RCBC Bankard Phoenix Mastercard. Interested
applicants need only visit any Phoenix Station or log on to www.RCBCBankard.com to apply for
their Phoenix RCBC Bankard Mastercard!