Cristito Comboy, a cement molder deployed in Ethiopia, received devastating news early this year when his daughter, Christina, died in a road accident on the way home from Surigao State College.  Cristito, being an RCBC TeleMoney payroll accountholder, was entitled to a significant claim through RCBC TeleMoney’s Gabay Bayani.

A longtime employee of Gerdin International, Cristito was able to claim a total of Php 200,000 through Gabay Bayani.

The Gabay Bayani insurance programme is a partnership between RCBC TeleMoney and Malayan Insurance, which started way back 2006.  With this free accident insurance program, employees of shipping /manning companies enrolled under TeleMoney’s payroll system are automatically qualified.

Through this insurance program, the loved ones of Filipino OFWs who suffer accidental death or dismemberment are covered.  Most of the hospital expenses, from doctor’s professional fees and even outpatient medical expenses, can be reimbursed as well.

Sea-based OFWs can claim up to Php 400,000 while land-based OFWs can claim up to Php 200,000. Claimants are also entitled up to Php 5,000 medical reimbursement for two beneficiaries. Gabay Bayani’s hassle-free protection allows OFWs the peace of mind that their families are protected and secured while they are away.

“We care about every aspect of our clients’ lives, which is why we developed Gabay Bayani,” says RCBC Global Transaction Banking Group Head Emmanuel T. Narciso, “Accidents nowadays are quite unavoidable and as an OFW, far away from your loved ones, you’re looking for that safeguard that protects your family while you’re away. We believe in making every remittance credit go a long way in securing each client’s future, and that includes both his finances and family.”