Insurance penetration is on the rise, with the Insurance Commission (IC) reporting an increase from 1.61 percent to 1.64 percent last 2017. Making more Filipinos aware of the need for security for their assets could play a big part in raising the numbers further.

Malayan Insurance makes it easier to start the conversation on securing one’s future with Insurance For You (I4U) gift cards. Bundled with the card is a choice between insurance coverages of Php 10,000, Php 20,000, and Php 50,000.

“With this product, Malayan Insurance aims to make an inexpensive and meaningful gift for everyone,” says Malayan Insurance’s Vice President Martin D. Yuchioco, “I’t also starts the conversation about how to invest in protection for loved ones and where to begin.”

The standard I4U cards come in a range of designs, from Christmas greetings to any-occasion designs, starting at P35. Interested parties can simply fill up a form indicating the design, quantity, and bundled coverage before receiving their cards.

The I4U product can be purchased in larger quantity bundles with customized cards, and will be bundled with a variety of other giveaway goods: from shirts, umbrellas, calendars, and even baller wristbands.

“In packaging insurance together with a baller wristband or a calendar, we are able to bring security to larger groups, like company employees and organizations. This helps make more people conscious of protecting themselves and things that matter through investing in insurance,” shares Vice President Martin Yuchioco.

Founded in 1930, Malayan Insurance is a member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC). YGC is one of the largest conglomerates in the Philippines, with core businesses in financial services, banking, investments, construction, education, and energy.