Floods, unseen potholes, extreme traffic jams, wet roads – typhoon season in the Philippines can be tough on vehicles and drivers. Driving in heavy rains is not only stressful, it also takes a massive toll on cars. A lack of preparation opens the door for damages, and even puts the safety of the driver and passengers at risk.

To avert these threats, drivers and vehicle-owners should have a regular Preventive Maintenance Schedule (PMS) with a trusted mechanic or car care shop. Malayan Insurance shares a quick guide on what you should keep an eye on during your car’s preventive maintenance check.

Evaluate your brake system. This includes your brake pads and brake fluid. Slippery conditions take a toll on your brake system. Have your car care specialist ensure that your car’s brake pads still have enough friction, and that your brake fluid hasn’t gone bad. You want your vehicle to react as quickly as you do should you need to hit the brakes quickly.

Check your battery. Manufacturers note that the average car battery can last up to five years, but the typhoon season in the Philippine can slash this to just one or two. If you notice your lights dim at idle, or your car becomes more difficult to start, or if your battery is bloating or drying, replace your battery.

Assess your tires. Tire treads aid your car’s grip and traction by moving water out of the way on wet roads. An easy way to check if you need new tires is to stick a one-peso coin into the grooves, with the Rizal side facing out. If you can see the year on the coin, it means your tire treads are too worn.

Ensure visibility. Driving in pouring rain compromises your visibility significantly, so your headlights, windshields, windows, and wipers should be up to snuff. This is to avoid accidentally driving into other vehicles or a deep pothole in case you are unable to see far enough ahead of you.

Keep your car insurance up to date. Brace yourself for the unexpected by having a reliable insurance policy. The coverage of Automaster, a wide-range car insurance policy by Malayan Insurance, includes protection in case of loss or damage to your car; personal accident protection for yourself and passengers; liability to other injured persons or damaged properties; acts of God; reimbursable transportation allowance while your car is repaired; and more.

If you have car insurance now, don’t forget to renew it long before it expires. A gap between two car insurance policies is too risky.

Remember that safety starts before you even hit the road. There are several things you can do to minimize the risks for yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle even in challenging driving conditions.

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