The perfect family vacation is always remembered fondly by all. Whether it’s a huge family or a simple staycation at a nice resort.

Here are some easy-to-remember tips:

Start Planning Early. Once summer gets into full swing, beach resorts, hotels and the best summer destinations fill up quickly and prices skyrocket. The best course of action is to discuss vacation plans with family members way before the heat of summer sets in. This way, one is certain that every family member is available before buying that plane ticket or making that resort reservation.

Go Some Place New! Annual family vacations to familiar, well-loved locations are always fun, but nothing beats the excitement of going someplace new with loved ones. Maybe your next family summer getaway would be a trip to discover the natural majesty of Cheongsando Island in South Korea? Or even a visit to Jomalig Island right here in Quezon province? This way, you are able to avoid the summer crowds and spend your vacation in an entirely new place with your family.

Plan your Itinerary. Wherever you and your family end up going this summer, make the most of the experience by trying all the fun things to do in that area! Eat like a local, haggle at the local markets, or try and go to all the well-known culture spots in that city! To ensure this, do a quick research on your choice of destination. This way, you and your family can maximize the vacation to the fullest!

Pack Your Bags in Advance. Once you have chosen the perfect family summer getaway, the rest falls into place pretty quickly! The best thing to do at this point is to start listing all the things you will need for your trip. This tip is all the more helpful when travelling to international destinations. Make sure you and your family are prepared for wherever you’re going ahead of time rather than being caught unprepared in an unfamiliar place.

Prepare your summer budget. Going on a trip with family means spending! From transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, and even shopping for souvenirs, every great vacation is only such when you are able to budget enough funds!  When traveling to new places and international destinations, it’s best to have your reliable credit card on hand and ready for your needs. Make sure you have the proper financial partner that helps you keep your budget on track while on vacation.

RCBC Bankard’s new budget management tool, Unli Installment, is the perfect answer in planning a budget for a summer holiday. It allows cardholders to flex their straight purchases to installment for up to 36 months with low add-on rates. This latest innovation from RCBC Bankard gives cardholders the convenience and comfort of a longer payment period minus the skyrocket rates.

If you are a RCBC Bankard cardholder you can enjoy a special introductory monthly installment rate of 0.58% for a period of 36 months on local and international retail purchases from now until the end of May 2018.

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