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  • / YGC News Flash/— April 22, 2015

    Discover New Possibilities with the Upgraded RCBC AccessOne internet banking

    RCBC has upgraded the RCBC AccessOne retail internet banking system. The new RCBC AccessOne promises a better banking experience with its new featurese... Read m​​ore

  • / YGC News Flash/— April 20, 2015

    RCBC Click It, Load It, Card It Promo

    Hot and big surprises await you this summer! Transact with RCBC and get a chance to win an iphone6 plus and other exciting prizes.... Rea​d m​​ore

  • / YGC News Flash /— April 20, 2015

    RCBC Bankard AIRMILES Rewards Program​

    Turn rewards into free flights! Enroll in the RCBC Bankard AIRMILES Rewards Program to convert your current and succeeding REWARDS POINTS to AIRMILES... Read mo​​re

  • / YGC News Flash /— April 17, 2015


    EEI Corporation is recognized as one of the leading construction companies in the Philippines, known for the quality of its work and the excellence of its workforce.

  • / YGC News Flash /— April 15, 2015

    A.M. Best affirms Malayan Insurance's ratings

    Malayan Insurance Company, Inc. remains one of the most stable non-life insurers in the country as affirmed by the latest release of global insurance ratings company A.M. Best, covering fiscal year 2014... Re​​ad more

  • / YGC News Flash /— April 13, 2015

    MCL expands to senior high school, opens new building

    Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) is set to expand next school year as it opens its new building for senior high school. According to MCL Vice President for Academic... R​ead​ more

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FACETS: When technology meets art

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