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  • / YGC News Flash/— May 18, 2015

    Mapúa's Bagwis wins big in innovation challenge competition

    Three Mapúa electronics engineering students copped first place in the Shell Ideas360–Galing ng Pinoy Challenge, a local version of ShellIdeas360... Rea​d m​​ore

  • / YGC News Flash /— May 15, 2015

    Malayan Insurance stresses need for earthquake cover

    Malayan Insurance, the country's no. 1 non-life insurer, stressed the need for earthquake cover and urges Filipinos to take lessons from the devastating... Read mo​​re

  • / YGC News Flash /— May 15, 2015

    EEI Employed New Technology in Rehab of Ayala Bridge​

    EEI Corp., a YGC member, took part in the month-long rehabilitation works to restore the structural integrity of Ayala Bridge.​.. Re​​ad more

  • / YGC News Flash /— May 13, 2015

    RCBC fosters partnership with Japanese clients

    RCBC President and CEO Lorenzo V. Tan recently affirmed the universal bank's strengthening ties with the Japanese business community in the country.​.. Re​​ad more

  • / YGC News Flash /— May 11, 2015

    OBE pioneer lauds Mapúa for leadership in implementation in PH higher education

    Internationally recognized pioneer of outcomes-based education (OBE), Dr. William Spady, praised Mapúa Institute of Technology and its leaders... R​ead​ more

  • / YGC News Flash/— May 8, 2015

    Mapúa exchanges students and faculty with Sweden's Lulea University of Technology

    As part of its continuous improvement effort to better the structures and methods of using international experience in enriching its programs... Read m​​ore

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Search is on for AY Foundation's 28th Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Awardee

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